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bonus accumulation depending on purchase (summ bonus)

bonus accumulation depending on purchase/visit (usage bonus)

merchandise/service purchase with fixed discount report (fixed discount program)

merchandise/service purchase with accumulated discount report (accumulated discount program)

report for merchandise/service purchased with calculated discount from previous transactions (calculated discount program)

purchase report (by summs)

local debet card for multiple times use (gift card)

local credit card for multiple times use (tab card)

loyal customers visit report and account

and others...

Creating loyalty programs,
for solving a given task

Task: Increase customer loyalty
With a purchase for 5Ls, every full 5Ls, adds 1 bonus (B). I.e. A purchase for 7Ls = 1B, 17.50Ls = 3B and so on. When bonus count reaches 10, they are deleted and the client is awarded 1Ls debet.

The 5Ls step, for bonus accumulation, is stimulating the purchase of small products/services, to cover the missing summ to full step. By a expense that equals a 10% discount, you receive a customers additional need for buying small products/services.

2. Base discount 5% with accumulation up to 15%. The discount increases by the folowing shematic - purchase summs are accounted. When the accounted summ reaches 50Ls, the customer is given and additional 1% to current discount. Therefore the customer can use his new discount already with his next purchase. When the discount reaches 15% it becomes fixed. Program validity period is 1 year. After that all accounts are nullified and returned to inital settings.

This method stimulates purchase increase with the help of customer persuasion. The customer will spread the word to his family and friends. Sometimes the card may be given to another holder to increase bonus accumulation.

Task: Accounting
Pre-paid visit. The customer buys a subscription for 10 visits. The 11th time his visit is denied, unless a new subscription is purchased.
2. Purchase summ accounting. Reports on various topics, including product/service demand, or a summ report for a distinct time period. Loyal customer reports from different branches.

Task: Authorisation
Client/summ/transfer anonimity guaranteed. Card authorization through an external server. Hardware or software module sends a request to the server including only a few selected parameters - command, summ, operation number, card number, access code, date, time, inner module number. Server replies and a check is available for printing.


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